Colorado Financial Service Corporation


CFSC Technology and Systems


Colorado Financial Service Corporation utilizes the advanced technology of cloud based computing through Microsoft Azure™. This technology allows you to access our system apps wherever you have an internet connection. The system does require certain security features on your equipment – mainly common sense! You are required to execute a connectivity agreement.


WinOPS by Techmate/CFSC Dashboard

The WinOPS system is the backbone of our Firm’s operations and compliance function for accounts and transactions. Each rep accesses the Dashboard to enter new accounts, record client information, submit direct business transactions. Commission data is retrievable on a daily basis as well as certain regulatory reports required for each branch office. WinOPS is the depository for all client document images.


Hilltop Securities Inc.
Colorado Financial has teamed up with service providers who cater to the independent registered representative led by our fully disclosed clearing partner, Hilltop Securities Inc.


Charles Schwab & Company

Colorado Financial utilizes the custodian services of Charles Schwab & Co. for investment advisor custodial services.


DST Services, division of SS&C Technologies

Colorado Financial subscribes to the data services available through DST with direct links between WinOPS client accounts and the DST platform.


AI Insight

Colorado Financial utilizes the AI Insight platform to leverage its due diligence information and to help educate registered representatives on the features, benefits, and limitations of alternative investments.



To comply with FINRA regulations regarding communications with the public. Colorado Financial utilizes CELLTrust, a SmartPhone texting application that allows the firm to archive all text messages. CELLTrust is required of all representatives.



Colorado Financial uses the services and systems provided by SMARSH for archiving and surveillance of all email messages as well as text messages. Archiving on the SMARSH platform is required for all business-use email accounts or text message numbers.



With ALTIGO, reps have the benefit and comfort of completing all required documents – sub docs, new account forms, and disclosures on a single platform. Completeness of information and compliance review are made easy and streamlined allowing reps to spend more time doing business and less time moving paper – being more productive and allowing clients to complete documents in the privacy of their home. Documents move easily from rep to client to firm and to sponsor with ease and security.



Colorado Financial has agreement in place with E-Money for representatives to utilize the archiving and planning purposes.